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The expansion and modernization of the Solid Municipal Waste Disposal Plant in Warsaw (ZUSOK) is spectacular. It is the only investment within a thermal waste processing plant (WtE) carried out on an operating facility. When the expansion is underway, ZUSOK is continuously processing mixed waste at 40 thousand tons/year. Upon completion, its capacity will increase to 305 thousand tons/year, and it will be the largest plant of this kind in Poland. This is the second waste incineration plant built in Poland by the Polish branch of POSCO E&C, after the WtE plant in Kraków (2013-2016).

Meeting of the Social Council for ZUSOK’s development

The expansion and modernization of the Solid Municipal Waste Disposal Plant (ZUSOK) in Warsaw is being carried out with transparency and significant participation of the social component. The investment, since its inception, has been monitored by the Social Council. On January 10, 2023, another meeting of the Council was held. The context of the work is broad, saturated with concern for the development of Warsaw and the quality of life of the Targówek community. Representatives of the local government of the City of Warsaw - Deputy Mayor Mr. Michał Olszewski and ZDM Director Mr. Łukasz Puchalski - were invited to…

Wars and Sawa for Warsaw

We are closing 2022 at WtE (ZUSOK) in Warsaw with a outstanding mark. Wars and Sawa* - two boilers' drums mounted on 37 meter of steel structure are the milestone of the investment, the hearts of the new K2 and K3 lines, the symbol of energy from waste and sustainable development of modern Warsaw. Happy and prosperous New Year! * Wars and Sawa are characters - the twins from the legend of the origins of Warsaw. Uniting their names we get the name of the capital of Poland: WarSawa :)

Boilers’ drums launching

We've got it! The bolires' drums for Warsaw's ZUSOK are named WARS and SAWA. They are magnificent and will serve Warsaw residents well. Sawa will power the boiler of line No. 3, while Wars will be part of the boiler of line No. 2. The drums for ZUSOK were tailor-made on commission from POSCO E&C, and passed acceptance as individual designs. They are more than 15-ton tanks with a length of 8.7 m, a diameter of 1.7 m and a capacity of 17,000 liters. We are installing them at a height of 37 m above ground level. The ceremony related…

POSCO E&C branch office in Poland

POSCO E&C, headquartered in Korea, has been operating in Poland since 2012. The Polish branch of the company is already implementing its second major investment. After building an eco-incineration plant in Krakow (2013 - 2016), it is expanding and modernizing the existing mixed waste incineration plant in Warsaw (ZUSOK). The team we have built in Warsaw consists of more than 100 people - high-class engineers and specialists in many industries.

President and CEO of POSCO E&C visiting Warsaw

POSCO E&C runs about 200 projects around the world. In the last days of November (2022), the Polish branch office was visited by Mr. Sung-Hee Han, President and CEO of POSCO E&C, together with accompanying persons: Jong-Woo Kim (Senior Manager of Business & Strategy) and Sang-Hoon Park (Executive Director of Overseas Projects), permanently stationed in Korea. We introduced ourselves to the guests as a team, showed the project and the progress of work on the site. The visit also included (24.11.2022) a meeting at the Warsaw City Hall with Deputy Mayor Tomasz Bratek and Secretary Włodzimierz Karpiński, as well as…

Steel structure of the K2 and K3 lines

An important stage of work on the two new thermal waste processing lines at ZUSOK in Warsaw is behind us. We already have 70% of the support structure for the new boilers, which has reached its full height of 37 meters. In recent days we have installed, among other things, the 20-meter high side walls of the first line of boilers. We carried out the operation of installing the feed water tank for the boilers. This was a complicated task due to the location and dimensions of the tank (length: 12.3 m, cross-section: 3.85 m, weight: 18.2 t). In parallel,…

POSCO E&C – Polish team

Our team in Poland stably consists of about 100 people. In this group, since 2021, we have been implementing a project in Warsaw to expand and modernize the Municipal Solid Waste Disposal Plant. On a daily basis, everyone carries out their tasks, in different places, so also for this photo - unfortunately - not everyone could stand. Greetings from the site :) BUILD VALUE TOGETHER!

The project at the halfway point

Work at ZUSOK has reached the halfway point, and we are carrying out many important operations in parallel. The most important in recent weeks has been the completion of the turboset, which consists of the turbine, generator, gearbox and other equipment. The last component, i.e. the generator, arrived at the construction site and was placed on the foundation.  Construction of the chimney shaft has been completed, finishing assembly work is underway. On the flyover leading to the unloading hall, reinforced concrete work and prestressing of the structure have been completed. We are continuing the assembly of the boiler steel structure…