POSCO E&C complex projects require knowledge and experience in many fields, in areas such as design, industrial construction, engineering, manufacturing and installation of mechanical equipment, as well as its repair and maintenance. Our goal is to create efficient teams composed of top-notch specialists, enabling POSCO E&C to flexibly adapt to the ever-changing business environment.

We work in accordance with the highest global quality standards, taking into account the principles of sustainable construction, guided by professional ethics and concern for people`s comfort and satisfaction.

What sets us apart from other employers is our open approach and mutual respect for work. As a culturally diverse team, We are more creative and innovative, We have a greater pool of talent characters and this translates into our business result.


The company`s overarching values ara:

– Integrity and respect for employees, subcontractors, investors and all people involved in our projects

– Application of the highest health and safety standards

– Caring for good relationships within our team and proactive employees attitude 

– Ethical conduct based on mutual trust between members of our community

– Attention to the highest quality of our services

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We are building a better future

We are building a better future