POSCO E&C runs about 200 projects around the world. In the last days of November (2022), the Polish branch office was visited by Mr. Sung-Hee Han, President and CEO of POSCO E&C, together with accompanying persons: Jong-Woo Kim (Senior Manager of Business & Strategy) and Sang-Hoon Park (Executive Director of Overseas Projects), permanently stationed in Korea.

We introduced ourselves to the guests as a team, showed the project and the progress of work on the site. The visit also included (24.11.2022) a meeting at the Warsaw City Hall with Deputy Mayor Tomasz Bratek and Secretary Włodzimierz Karpiński, as well as with the investor – MPO Chairma Zdzisław Gawlik and Project Director Joanna Grudek. The meeting strengthened the commitment of all partners, and was an opportunity to express the will for constructive cooperation and mutual assistance in the implementation of a very important project for the capital city. President Sung-Hee Han declared POSCO E&C’s readiness to support various projects aimed at economic development and improving the quality of life in our country.