Visit of Korean Minister of Land, Infrastructure and Transport

22.05.2023 we had the pleasure of hosting the Minister of Land, Infrastructure and Transport of the Republic of Korea - Mr. Hee Ryong Won, with accompanying persons. The meeting was also attended by the Ambassador of the Republic of Korea to Poland, Mr. Hoonmin Lim, who follows us in all important events related to the implementation of the investment. Project Director, Vice President of POSCO E&C Mr. Kyu Won Kang presented the guests with the project and the current status of the works underway at ZUSOK.

The roof structure on the boiler hall and the flue gas treatment hall

Work is underway to cover the boiler hall and flue gas treatment hall at the new ZUSOK with a roof. For this purpose, we are preparing a solid structure consisting of massive girders. The girders used in this construction are 40-meter steel beams fixed transversely, it is on them that we will lay the roof sheathing for both halls.

Visitors from Pohang

Although we are 7992 kilometers away from POSCO E&C's headquarters, in Pohang, South Korea, this is not a barrier to frequent contact. Just before May holiday, we were visited by Mr. Dae-Hyun Kim, Senior Vice President / Global Infrastructure Development, and Mr. Chul-Min Lee, Senior Manager / Headquarter – Infra division. The guests viewed the construction site, asked many questions about the expansion and modernization of ZUSOK (WtE plant) and the specifics of the project being carried in Warsaw. They showed interest, support, and concern for safety and quality of our operations.

WtE plant in Warsaw / ZUSOK – overhead cranes installed

We have installed overhead cranes in the waste bunker, which will be used to move huge grippers that transfer waste to the boilers. To install the overhead cranes, we needed a mobile crane with a lifting capacity of 500 tons. At Warsaw's WtE plant, mixed waste is safely disposed of and, additionally, the cogeneration process produces heat and electricity from the waste, which is transferred to the capital's distribution networks. After expansion and modernization, the plant will increase its capacity sevenfold.

Study visit of Norwegians from DAMHAUG Consulting

ZUSOK - WtE in Warsaw, will be the largest installation for thermal processing of mixed waste in Poland. The project is generating interest in many circles at home and abroad. On April 14, 2023 we had the pleasure of hosting representatives of the Norwegian company DAMHAUG Consulting, which specializes in planning and implementing modern waste management in Norway, as well as the president of the Polish-Norwegian Society in Warsaw, to whom we presented the project, its importance for Warsaw and the environment.

We work and plant trees in Poland

Our company implements major projects around the world, using cutting-edge technologies and solutions to keep them climate-neutral. But we also do much more – consciously and with a clear intention we protect the environment and engage with local communities. In March of this year, HQ announced a rebranding that reinforces the approach described above. Our organizational culture has also been defined out with a new slogan: Green Tomorrow, With POSCO. It means that we think and act responsibly, with a long-term perspective in mind. Our team, at the Polish branch of POSCO E&C, has been committed to the social dimension…

Representatives of South Korean economic ministries visited ZUSOK

We have been expanding the Warsaw "waste to energy" plant since 2021. It is the largest and most modern investment of its kind in Poland, so it arouses the interest of many circles at home and abroad. On the last day of March 2023, we had the pleasure of presenting the project and our team to representatives of the Republic of South Korea. The delegation was led by Mr. Sung-Hae Lee – Chairman of the Metropolitan Transportation Commission of the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport, who was accompanied by Mr. Shin-Hyoung Choi – Director of Foreign Projects, and representatives…

Heat from mixed waste for Warsaw

Energy generated at the Solid Municipal Waste Disposal Facility (ZUSOK) during the thermal conversion of mixed waste is being converted into heat and electricity for Warsaw. We have installed another unit of ZUSOK's new district heating system at the their destination - these are heat exchangers, two devices for heating water that will suply the city system. The exchangers weigh: 21 tons and 23 tons.

Two years under construction

Contractor teams entered the WtE plant in Warsaw (ZUSOK) for its modernization and expansion in April 2021. After two years, the plant is completely transformed. Of the old buildings, only the remnants of the green halls (on the left), used as a temporary waste storage facility, and the No. 1 line boiler hall (the building with white and green stripes on the right of the new chimney) can be seen in the photo. All other buildings were built in 2021 - 2023.