We’ve got it! The bolires’ drums for Warsaw’s ZUSOK are named WARS and SAWA. They are magnificent and will serve Warsaw residents well. Sawa will power the boiler of line No. 3, while Wars will be part of the boiler of line No. 2. The drums for ZUSOK were tailor-made on commission from POSCO E&C, and passed acceptance as individual designs. They are more than 15-ton tanks with a length of 8.7 m, a diameter of 1.7 m and a capacity of 17,000 liters. We are installing them at a height of 37 m above ground level. The ceremony related to naming and launching the drums, their raising and foundation was held on December 21, 2022, with the participation of representatives of the Warsaw local government, the investor – MPO in Warsaw, the Social Council, companies with whom we are cooperating on this part of the project. The godparents of the drums are: Mr. Włodzimierz Karpinski – secretary of the City of Warsaw and Ms. Marta Żaczek – chemical specialist at ZUSOK.