Work at ZUSOK has reached the halfway point, and we are carrying out many important operations in parallel. The most important in recent weeks has been the completion of the turboset, which consists of the turbine, generator, gearbox and other equipment. The last component, i.e. the generator, arrived at the construction site and was placed on the foundation.  Construction of the chimney shaft has been completed, finishing assembly work is underway. On the flyover leading to the unloading hall, reinforced concrete work and prestressing of the structure have been completed. We are continuing the assembly of the boiler steel structure and the prefabrication and integration of the boiler pressure part of the K2 and K3 lines. The assembly of grates has been completed. Work continues on erecting the reinforced concrete structures of the waste bunker. The office building has exceeded 16 meters in height, and the ceiling over the second floor is currently being poured.

A very important stage was the handover of the work area for STOEN to carry out power work. The erection of transformers and power equipment is starting. These works are related to the construction of the distribution power point (Zabraniecka RDZ).