Corporate ethics is like oxygen

Corporate ethics is a crucial value at POSCO E&C and a task for all team members to actively participate in establishing a work culture full of mutual respect. In accordance with the implementation of the ‘PJT Ethics Leader’ Policy (started on 5th February 2024), an Ethics Leader has been appointed for the Polish branch of POSCO E&C too. Ethics Leader will be conducting ethics education and campaign activities within our site, as well as various ethics related activities such as consulting employees on ethical dilemmas, periodical monitoring, and listening to colleagues and giving a helping hand. We have a pleasure…

ZUSOK incineration plant – condensers are ready

In the Warsaw incineration plant / ZUSOK, construction work has given way to technological work. The leakage test of the air-cooled condenser, together with the system operating under vacuum, was successful. After installation of the wind wall and platforms, the system will be ready for technological commissioning.

SEOLLAL – Happy New Year!

According to Korean tradition, The Korean new year begins this year on February 9th. This is a holiday called Seollal. Seollal is a typically family holiday, spent with relatives, paying tribute to ancestors and family elders. Younger family members pay a special bow to the elders, while the elders bless the younger ones and give them "sebaetdon" - gifts. The Seollal holiday is celebrated according to the Korean lunar-solar calendar, so its date in relation to the Gregorian calendar is variable. In our office on this occasion, for good luck, rice snacks were served. Have a Happy New Year, Everybody!

Polish Fat Thursday

We value the fact that at POSCO E&C we are multicultural, we celebrate holidays together from both traditions - Polish and Korean. On Fat Thursday (this year: February 8th), which begins the last week of Carnival, we ate lots of donuts.

Visit of students from Seoul

Students from Urban Science Technical High School in Seoul traveled more than seven thousand kilometers to learn about POSCO E&C activities carried out in Poland and to see the expansion and modernization of Warsaw's ZUSOK. The project and its specifics were presented to the guests by Tony Kang - Project Director, and Hong Min Kim - Control (Commercial) Leader. We were impressed by the manners and commitment of the young people.

We play with WOŚP! “Here everything plays OK!”

Hot in the middle of winter! On Sunday, January 28, 2024, Poland joins the 32nd Finale of the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity / Wielka Orkiestra Świątecznej Pomocy (WOŚP). The idea of helping and supporting the communities in which we carry out business projects is close to our hearts, so we are joining this action. The main goal of the WOŚP is to improve the health of people and the conditions in which patients are treated, through the creation of state-of-the-art diagnostic facilities and medical supplies, as well as information campaigns accompanying each edition. Each year, a medical field and…

ZUSOK incineration plant development – status in January 2024

We are continuing construction, finishing and mechanical work throughout the facility. The installation of the ash stabilization system has been completed, including the installation of the steel structure of the ash, cement and lime silos, as well as the installation of seven silos with capacities ranging from 70 m3 to 220 m3. The installation of architectural concrete facades, aluminum and glass elements and louvers is nearing completion. We are installing elevators in the administration building, the chimney shaft and the social building of the waste sorting plant. Between the buildings we have made flyovers for piping and cabling. Roofing work…

87% of the new WtE plant / ZUSOK in Warsaw

We have entered 2024, completing 87% of the schedule for the development and modernization of the largest mixed waste eco-incineration plant in Poland. Upon completion, the plant will ecologically manage more than 300,000 tons of mixed waste per year. It will produce "green" heat and electricity for Warsaw from them.

Christmas time

On the doorstep of the New Year, we met in a Christmas atmosphere to spend time together, get to know each other from a different perspective and have fun together. We have an intense time ahead of us, so we are gathering energy. We greet our friends, colleagues, supporters and followers – we wish you all the best of luck with your plans and dreams…