Facades of new buildings at ZUSOK

Two and a half years after the start of construction and modernisation work at Warsaw's "waste to energy plant" ZUSOK, we are working intensively on the aesthetics of the new facilities. Facades of various finishing materials – architectural concrete, aluminium and glass – are being installed. The modern minimalist buildings will be covered with green roofs.

“Goodbye to summer'” – family picnic in Targówek

On the first Sunday of September (3.09.2023), our team participated for the third time in the family picnic organized annually in Bródnowski Park by the Municipality of Targówek to celebrate the end of summer. At our stand, we presented to Varsovians the status of the waste to energy plant ZUSOK’s development, the importance of waste management and its benefits, integrated generations and encouraged pro-ecological activities. We hosted at our stand more than 600 people.

Inside the chimney

With its 80 m height, the new chimney at WtE plant / ZUSOK in Warsaw is the tallest building in the plant under development. In cooperation with LAVASTER sp. z o.o., we are currently preparing the operation to place the key technological elements inside the chimney, which are the flue pipes. The flue pipes will be inserted from above in the form of 20-metre segments and then joined together. In this way, we will place three lines inside – a separate one for each boiler.

Green roofs

Work at ZUSOK in Warsaw is intensive, and due to the nature of the project - the expansion and modernisation of the existing active plant - the particular facilities are growing in line with the availability of the work front and logistical capabilities. While the slag processing halls are still in the final stages of foundation and wall work, there are also buildings where the roofs have already been constructed. It is worth remembering that the roofs at ZUSOK will be green, thus ensuring water retention and better conditions for the local ecosystem. The greening of the roofs will reach…

The last foundations

The development of ZUSOK is an investment on an active facility, which requires special organization and is much more difficult. It was only possible to demolish the last old hall in June 2023, which until now has served for two years as a temporary storage facility for mixed waste coming from Warsaw for disposal and incineration within the existing K1 production line. On the location of the old hall, we already have the foundations for the last section of the new slag hall.

ZUSOK – Condenser frame completed

The condenser support frame structure for the new ZUSOK has been completed! Six segments are already standing on the roof of the power building. The next few weeks will be dedicated assembling the tube bundles where condensation of the turbine steam will take place. The equipment used in this project, along with the water it will process, is very heavy. We had to take this into account when planning the building on which we mounted the condensers, from site preparation, foundation, structure, reinforcement, massiveness of the building, etc.

Representatives of the Ministry of Environment of the Republic of Korea at ZUSOK

The projects we are implementing in Poland are attracting the interest of South Korean government and business circles. On July 25, 2023, we had the pleasure of hosting in Warsaw a delegation from the Republic of Korea - Mr. Jae-Jae Lee, head of the foreign project support team from the Ministry of Environment and green industrial projects, along with colleagues. We presented our guests with the expansion and modernization of ZUSOK in Warsaw, as well as the construction of an eco-waste incineration plant in Krakow (Krakowski Holding Komunalny), completed in 2013-2016: https://khk.krakow.pl/en/eco-incinerator/

Waste to energy plant in Warsaw / ZUSOK – assembling the condenser

In the first week of July 2023, we went up on the roof of the heat and power hall to install the condenser. The first stage was the installation of a support frame of pipe bundles above the condenser fan. The complete frame structure consists of six such segments arranged in two rows. Next we will deal with the assembly of the tube bundles, in which the condensation process of the exhaust steam coming from the steam turbine will take place. The condenser will be cooled by air.

Flyover nearing completion

Finishing work is underway on the flyover. In late June/early July (2023), we laid the second, wearing layer of asphalt, the surface on which waste vehicles will go. It covered the first layer of asphalt and the anti-icing installation done this spring. The 100-meter flyover will provide vehicles with safe access to the unloading hall regardless of weather conditions, including in winter. It is worth mentioning that in addition to its utility functions, the flyover is an interesting engineering structure. The next stage will include illumination, which will beautifully highlight the flyover.

Last demolition work at ZUSOK

We have been expanding the Warsaw Municipal Solid Waste Disposal Plant (ZUSOK) since April 2021. During this time, most of the super modern infrastructure was in place, and the plant was performing its tasks using the existing production line. This was possible thanks to the organization of a temporary service system for a boiler, including a waste storage facility and the conveyor belt used to feed the waste. At that time, the old bunker was demolished, and we erected a new, larger facility in its place. In June 2023, the temporary circuit was closed and the old halls used as…