Green roofs of the Warsaw incineration plant ZUSOK

Since the end of May (2024) we have been seeding the roofs of Warsaw's mixed waste incineration plant. Development with modernization of the plant is heading towards completion. In addition to technologically complex tasks leading up to commissioning, we are carrying out finishing, road and gardening work. The plant has been operating in Targówek for more than 20 years, and when the project is completed, in addition to its primary function of safely managing waste and producing heat and electricity from it, it will perform social and educational functions. Green roofs, with a Mazovian meadow and beehives on the unloading…

POSCO E&C for the local community. Visiting School no 89 in Warsaw

We have been in Poland since 2012, forming a team rich in diversity and open to the needs of communities with very important and difficult social roles. We share our potential, dedicate our attention and time to matters of importance to the communities among which we work. In Warsaw, at 8 Skaryszewska Street, there is a special institution - Zespół Szkół Specjalnych No. 89 for the youth with disabilities. In this school, 170 students aged 15-24, with various, including very serious manifestations of disabilities, receive specialized assistance and opportunities for development, but also acceptance and warm care. The work of…

POSCO E&C for students

Students of the Warsaw University of Life Sciences (SGGW) have become regular visitors to the Information Center, which we run as part of the ZUSOK development and modernization project. Professors of the Faculty of Construction and Environmental Engineering make sure that, in addition to academic classes, future engineers and have contact with a real construction site. Our team presents guests with the assumptions of this investment and demonstrates its practical dimension.

Japanese at the Information Center

The exchange of information and good practices crosses borders. It turns out that the basic principles of caring for the environment - conscious consumption, respect for resources, reuse, segregation, etc. - are working all over the world. We had the opportunity to discuss these issues and present the development and modernization of the mixed waste incineration plant in Warsaw with waste industry representatives from Japan.

The 1000 day outcome

We entered the construction site at Warsaw's incineration plant ZUSOK at the end of April 2021. This is what the investment looks like after three years of work carried out under difficult technical and macroeconomic conditions. We have completed more than 90% of the new project - expansion and modernization - under the conditions of an active plant (the old plant - Line 1), pandemic and war in Ukraine.

Study visits

The development of ZUSOK is of great interest to various communities. We have established close cooperation in this regard with the Institute of Civil Engineering of the Warsaw University of Life Sciences (SGGW). In March, further field classes were held for engineering students. The Institute of Civil Engineering of the Warsaw University of Life Sciences also prepared its own report on the visit:

Women’s Day. All the best to the ladies!

On Women's Day, we send warm wishes to all ladies! All the best, prosperity and may your dreams come true! In the Warsaw team of POSCO E&C there are 21 women who bravely power the project with their strength! We send you warm greetings from ZUSOK

Corporate ethics is like oxygen

Corporate ethics is a crucial value at POSCO E&C and a task for all team members to actively participate in establishing a work culture full of mutual respect. In accordance with the implementation of the ‘PJT Ethics Leader’ Policy (started on 5th February 2024), an Ethics Leader has been appointed for the Polish branch of POSCO E&C too. Ethics Leader will be conducting ethics education and campaign activities within our site, as well as various ethics related activities such as consulting employees on ethical dilemmas, periodical monitoring, and listening to colleagues and giving a helping hand. We have a pleasure…

ZUSOK incineration plant – condensers are ready

In the Warsaw incineration plant / ZUSOK, construction work has given way to technological work. The leakage test of the air-cooled condenser, together with the system operating under vacuum, was successful. After installation of the wind wall and platforms, the system will be ready for technological commissioning.

SEOLLAL – Happy New Year!

According to Korean tradition, The Korean new year begins this year on February 9th. This is a holiday called Seollal. Seollal is a typically family holiday, spent with relatives, paying tribute to ancestors and family elders. Younger family members pay a special bow to the elders, while the elders bless the younger ones and give them "sebaetdon" - gifts. The Seollal holiday is celebrated according to the Korean lunar-solar calendar, so its date in relation to the Gregorian calendar is variable. In our office on this occasion, for good luck, rice snacks were served. Have a Happy New Year, Everybody!