Steel structure of the K2 and K3 lines

An important stage of work on the two new thermal waste processing lines at ZUSOK in Warsaw is behind us. We already have 70% of the support structure for the new boilers, which has reached its full height of 37 meters. In recent days we have installed, among other things, the 20-meter high side walls of the first line of boilers. We carried out the operation of installing the feed water tank for the boilers. This was a complicated task due to the location and dimensions of the tank (length: 12.3 m, cross-section: 3.85 m, weight: 18.2 t). In parallel,…

POSCO E&C – Polish team

Our team in Poland stably consists of about 100 people. In this group, since 2021, we have been implementing a project in Warsaw to expand and modernize the Municipal Solid Waste Disposal Plant. On a daily basis, everyone carries out their tasks, in different places, so also for this photo - unfortunately - not everyone could stand. Greetings from the site :) BUILD VALUE TOGETHER!

The project at the halfway point

Work at ZUSOK has reached the halfway point, and we are carrying out many important operations in parallel. The most important in recent weeks has been the completion of the turboset, which consists of the turbine, generator, gearbox and other equipment. The last component, i.e. the generator, arrived at the construction site and was placed on the foundation.  Construction of the chimney shaft has been completed, finishing assembly work is underway. On the flyover leading to the unloading hall, reinforced concrete work and prestressing of the structure have been completed. We are continuing the assembly of the boiler steel structure…

The foundation act for the ZUSOK’s development has been signed

We are already at the halfway point of the project for Warsaw's WtE plant development. In such circumstances, the ceremony of signing the foundation act took place. The act was signed by: Mr. Rafał Trzaskowski - Mayor of Warsaw, Mr. Zdzisłąw Gawlik - MPO Board Chairman, and Mr. Tony Kang - Project Director POSCO E&C, in the presence of distinguished guests, and placed in a symbolic pedestal on the construction site.

The turbine has arrived

This is an important moment in the project to expand and modernize Warsaw's Solid Urban Waste Disposal Plant (ZUSOK). We have taken delivery of a turbine from SIEMENS ENERGY, which, together with a generator, will create a turbine set for the production of electricity. ZUSOK will safely dispose of more than 300,000 tons of mixed waste per year and produce heat and electricity from it in an amount equivalent to the annual needs of several thousand households.

추석 Korean harvest festival

Chusok 추석 is a celebration of the harvest and hope for a better next year, just like the Polish dożynki. This year, Thanksgiving is celebrated on September 9-11. Its element is spending time with loved ones and sharing food. The Polish branch of POSCO E&C enjoyed rice delicacies, and most importantly, it was our pleasant time together.

Waste trucks will drive along the flyover

We are erecting a flyover road to ensure efficient and collision-free waste transportation at ZUSOK. The flyover is more than 100 meters long, and its heated surface will improve safety during the winter season. Vehicles will be weighed before entering the unloading hall and after unloading waste. Specialized scales will be installed near the flyover.

Managers from Korea visiting ZUSOK

The ZUSOK expansion and modernization project being implemented in Warsaw by the Polish branch of POSCO E&C is generating interest and is monitored by the company's headquarters in Korea. On July 15, 2022, we had the pleasure of hosting top-level managers. Mr. Dong Won Kim - Senior Vice President, and Mr. Chin Mo Koo - General Manager got acquainted with the status of the project, watched the progress of work on the site, and visited the Information Center, where we carry out tasks of investment promotion and environmental education, directed to the residents of Warsaw and all interested parties. The…

Letter of thanks from the Mayor of Targówek

On June 11 and 12, 2022, two picnics were held in Warsaw's Targówek district. On Saturday, we visited the "Golden Festival" at Primary School No. 398, and on Sunday, for the second time, we stood among the exhibitors of the "Picnic in Targówek", traditionally organized by the Targówek District Office in Bródnowski Park. Our presence was appreciated by the Mayor herself, which confirms that as POSCO E&C we are welcome in the social and cultural landscape of Targówek – a district where we are carrying an investment to expand and modernize the ZUSOK (Solid Municipal Waste Disposal Plant). Dear Sir,…

Super Express daily visit to the construction site

On June 27, the construction site was visited by Izabela Kraj, a journalist and deputy head of the Warsaw department of "Super Express". Izabela Kraj knows everything about local politics, local government and new investments in the city. The meeting started with the presentation of the Information Center, talks about the benefits of thermal waste treatment and the presentation of a new ZUSOK's mock-up. The progress of works on the construction site was presented to the guests by the director of the Investment and Development Department of MPO, Joanna Grudek. We invite you to read the article, which contains a…