Two years under construction

Contractor teams entered the WtE plant in Warsaw (ZUSOK) for its modernization and expansion in April 2021. After two years, the plant is completely transformed. Of the old buildings, only the remnants of the green halls (on the left), used as a temporary waste storage facility, and the No. 1 line boiler hall (the building with white and green stripes on the right of the new chimney) can be seen in the photo. All other buildings were built in 2021 - 2023.

Roof on the Unloading Hall

In March 2023, another new facility at the expanded WtE plant (ZUSOK) in Warsaw is being covered with a roof. In the unloading hall, we are laying reinforced concrete hollowcore slabs on massive steel lattice beams with a span of 33 meters. After properly preparing the roof surface and protecting it with insulation, we will put a green layer with a water retention function as the last one.

Developing flue gas cleaning system

We closed February with a very challenging operation which was bringing the first absorber – another component of the flue gas cleaning system onto the construction site. Lifting, verticalizing and positioning the absorber required the advanced cooperation of two elevators. An additional technically demanding and time-consuming part was the attachment of the eight feet on which the device was set in its final location.

Secretary to the President of South Korea visiting the Polish branch of POSCO E&C

The expansion and modernization of ZUSOK is attracting the attention of many circles. On Sunday (26.02.2023) we had the honor and pleasure to present it to a delegation from the Republic of Korea, consisting of Mr. Sung Min Jang – Senior Secretary for Strategy to the President, Mr. Chang Ho Yoo – Deputy Secretary for Policy; Ms. Bihn Seo – Deputy Director General, Ms. Saetbeoul Ha – Third Secretary from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs; Mr. Bae Kicheor – Head of the Team for Cooperation and Coordination of the Secretariat for World Expo 2030 (Busan is bidding to host the…

Flue gas cleaning system intallation has started…

We have started the installation of the flue gas cleaning system. Three silos have already been placed at their destinations, and we are waiting for the delivery of the last one - the silo no 4. The operation of transporting, unloading, lifting (by two cranes) and setting on the support structure is a logistically and technically advanced process, especially since intensive work is underway at the site. A single silo is 18 meters long and weighs 13 tons. Each had to be moved over the heat treatment hall to reach the installation point.

Warsaw – Climate Neutral City by 2030

Warsaw has been accepted by the European Commission to the Mission of 100 Climate Neutral Cities by 2030, along with Kraków, Łódź, Wrocław and Rzeszów. The EC has dedicated an advisor to each of the cities - for Warsaw it is Mr. Bob D'Haeseleer from Belgium. As part of the Mission, on February 2, 2023, we presented a project of expansion & modernization of WtE plant (ZUSOK) in Warsaw, which is an important element in the city's sustainable development, "greening" energy and recycling. The visit was attended by Mr. Bob D'Haeseleer - Chief Advisor for Warsaw, Climate Neutral City Advisor…

Senior in the Crown – Volunteering

POSCO E&C's organizational culture promotes social commitment in the communities where we carry out business projects. With seniors 75+ in mind, we collected warm clothing, underwear and blankets. We delivered them to the "Seniors in the Crown" Foundation for its wards. This was our volunteer activity to Warsaw seniors.

Site visits – expertise sharing

The expansion and modernization of the Warsaw Municipal Solid Waste Disposal Plant (ZUSOK) is taking place at an operating facility. The plant is runing, remaining its original capacity, processing 40,000 tons of mixed waste per year, while we are carrying out an intensive construction and engineering process related to its expansion. Upon completion in 2024, WtE plant will increase its capacity sevenfold, processing up to 305 thousand tons of mixed waste per year. The investment is generating a lot of interest among professionals, and at POSCO E&C we are eager to share our experience and knowledge, hence the study visits…

POSCO E&C – a leader in highly specialized engineering and construction

The expansion and modernization of the Solid Municipal Waste Disposal Plant in Warsaw (ZUSOK) is spectacular. It is the only investment within a thermal waste processing plant (WtE) carried out on an operating facility. When the expansion is underway, ZUSOK is continuously processing mixed waste at 40 thousand tons/year. Upon completion, its capacity will increase to 305 thousand tons/year, and it will be the largest plant of this kind in Poland. This is the second waste incineration plant built in Poland by the Polish branch of POSCO E&C, after the WtE plant in Kraków (2013-2016).

Meeting of the Social Council for ZUSOK’s development

The expansion and modernization of the Solid Municipal Waste Disposal Plant (ZUSOK) in Warsaw is being carried out with transparency and significant participation of the social component. The investment, since its inception, has been monitored by the Social Council. On January 10, 2023, another meeting of the Council was held. The context of the work is broad, saturated with concern for the development of Warsaw and the quality of life of the Targówek community. Representatives of the local government of the City of Warsaw - Deputy Mayor Mr. Michał Olszewski and ZDM Director Mr. Łukasz Puchalski - were invited to…