We are continuing construction, finishing and mechanical work throughout the facility. The installation of the ash stabilization system has been completed, including the installation of the steel structure of the ash, cement and lime silos, as well as the installation of seven silos with capacities ranging from 70 m3 to 220 m3. The installation of architectural concrete facades, aluminum and glass elements and louvers is nearing completion. We are installing elevators in the administration building, the chimney shaft and the social building of the waste sorting plant. Between the buildings we have made flyovers for piping and cabling. Roofing work on several buildings is underway, as well as intensive work in the slag valorization hall, installation of technological installations has begun, i.e. the conveyors of the slag valorization system and the maintenance crane, laying of fire protection and electrical installations is underway. The floor in the unloading hall has been made. Gates and doors are being successively installed in all facilities.