Our company implements major projects around the world, using cutting-edge technologies and solutions to keep them climate-neutral. But we also do much more – consciously and with a clear intention we protect the environment and engage with local communities. In March of this year, HQ announced a rebranding that reinforces the approach described above.

Our organizational culture has also been defined out with a new slogan: Green Tomorrow, With POSCO. It means that we think and act responsibly, with a long-term perspective in mind.

Our team, at the Polish branch of POSCO E&C, has been committed to the social dimension of POSCO Group’s philosophy from the beginning. For several weeks, we had been looking for an initiative that would further embody it. We have chosen a project that will benefit all living creatures – we are contributing to the restoration of forests in Poland. We believe that the initiative is noble and priceless. In the coming days, thanks to our commitment, 500 tree seedlings selected for the local ecosystem will be planted in Mazovia. We are carrying out the new forest planting near Gostynin in cooperation with POSADZIMY.pl, thus joining the action in which 210,051 trees have already been professionally planted. We are happy that the trees we plant will produce oxygen and help compensate for the effects of global warming.

500 “POSCO E&C trees” in numbers:

  • 555 m2 of forest area
  • 3000 kg CO2 absorption / year
  • Oxygen for 335 people per year
  • 29,000 kg – amount of returned paper