We are a socially responsible company and stand on the green side of life. This year we joined the action of planting trees and have already contributed to the restoration of Polish forests – we funded 500 pine and birch seedlings, which were planted by the Posadzimy.pl organization in April this year in the Mazovian region of Białka in the Gostynin district. Thanks to the joint action, the stand of trees destroyed by windstorms in past years was restored. In mid-June we went to the planting site to see the new plantings. At the site we met with representatives of the administration from Gostynin: deputy mayor Maria Wróblewska, head of the Department of Environmental Protection and Forestry Katarzyna Brzozowska and forester – Kamil Bobowski. Not all the saplings survived, so under the guidance of a forester, new plants were planted in their place.

500 trees from POSCO E&C are equivalent to:
– 555 m2 of forest
– absorption of 3000 kg of CO2 per year
– oxygen for 335 people per year
– 29,000 kg of returned paper