We have been working and sharing our experience in Poland since 2012. We have built a modern incineration plant in Krakow, and for 11 months we have been expanding and modernizing the Warsaw ZUSOK. We carry out our projects with respect for the environment 🌄. Today, science and everyday life show that the degradation of the Earth’s resources is deepening and affects all of us. Civilization offers sophisticated amenities, and at the same time loses basic, natural assets that cannot be recovered. Today at noon, Łódź, Gdańsk and Warsaw will sound the sirens. It’s a Climate Alarm, a signal to us!

Consumption generates huge amounts of waste. Sites such as ZUSOK lower the damage. They use waste as a raw material, with care for the environment, collect, recover and convert it into heat and electricity. We – POSCO E&C team – are glad to be part of this process ♻️.