The expansion and modernization of ZUSOK is attracting the attention of many circles. On Sunday (26.02.2023) we had the honor and pleasure to present it to a delegation from the Republic of Korea, consisting of Mr. Sung Min Jang – Senior Secretary for Strategy to the President, Mr. Chang Ho Yoo – Deputy Secretary for Policy; Ms. Bihn Seo – Deputy Director General, Ms. Saetbeoul Ha – Third Secretary from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs; Mr. Bae Kicheor – Head of the Team for Cooperation and Coordination of the Secretariat for World Expo 2030 (Busan is bidding to host the exhibition). Cooperation and Coordination Team / Bid Secretariat for World Expo 2030 Busan; who were accompanied by Mr. Sik Kim – Counsellor, Ms. So Won Jeon – Secretary from the Embassy of the Republic of Korea, and Mr. Jeong Hun Lee – Director of KOTRA (economic agency). Mr. Tony Kang, Vice President of POSCO E&C and Director of the Polish branch, presented the guests with the specifics of the ZUSOK’s development, POSCO E&C’s second project in Poland (2013-2016 construction of WtE plant in Krakow). The presentation was complemented by a discussion and a visit to the construction site. Secretary Sung Min Jang expressed his appreciation for POSCO E&C’s activities in Poland and his hope for closer economic cooperation between the two countries. He stressed the importance of synergies flowing from the cooperation of Korean companies, especially in difficult economic and geopolitical conditions. He assured of active support for cooperation between Korea and Poland.