The project of expansion and modernization of the Solid Urban Waste Disposal Plant in Warsaw (ZUSOK) is integrated with the tasks of social communication and environmental education. We carry them out through the Information Center, which operates at 4 Zabraniecka Street, in the direct vicinity of the investment. From here we inform all interested parties about the progress of construction and modernization of ZUSOK and carry out educational, ecological and social projects. The Information Center hosts meetings and presentations related to the investment, as well as workshops and eco lessons for children and youth. We also take the initiative to go outside, participating in ecological events, organizing meetings in educational and cultural institutions. The Center arouses interest in Warsaw citizens and guests from outside the capital, because the new ZUSOK will be the largest installation of thermal waste processing in Poland. During the meetings we present the current status of ZUSOK construction and its importance for waste management in Warsaw, we educate, shape pro-ecological attitudes and habits related to waste segregation. We have just started preparations for participation in large outdoor events: on 23 April 2022 we will be at Galeria Mokotów to celebrate Earth Day, and on 12 June 2022 at the Family Eco-picnic organized in Park Bródnowski by the Targówek District Office.