Expansion and modernization of ZUSOK (Solid Urban Waste Disposal Plant) in Warsaw is not only an engineering and logistic challenge, but also a communication one. As part of the contract, we systematically inform about the progress of works and engage in environmental education. We have set up the ZUSOK Development Information Center, we operate on site, we are active outside and online, and recently the Center has also turned into a film set.

The ZUSOK extension is part of a big issue, namely the waste management system in Warsaw. After the expansion, ZUSOK will process 300 thousand tons of waste from black containers per year into electricity and heat. Warsaw “produces” annually as much waste as 3 x iconic Palaces of Culture and Science. This will be the subject of another episode of an educational film being produced by the City of Warsaw, in which an actor appears in a robe made of raw material recovered from waste.