ZUSOK (Municipal Solid Waste Disposal Plant) – our WtE project – is changing dynamically. New buildings have climbed to the height of over a dozen meters and visually began to dominate the image of the plant.

The waste unloading hall, together with the flyover, as well as the administration and social building will be finished with a green roof and will become a useful and ecological showpiece of the plant. In the waste unloading hall, foundation works and the process water tank have been completed. The construction of the fire protection tank, raw water tank, foundation for the floor at level “0” and the construction of first floor walls is in progress. The supports for the flyover supporting pillars are at an advanced stage. In the administration building, reinforced concrete walls and columns have been constructed at level “0”, and currently the floor above the first floor is being poured.
Reinforced concrete structures of the new bunker’s walls are being built. The only remaining wall of the old bunker has been revitalized and strengthened by shotcreting, i.e. applying reinforcing mesh and then spraying concrete.
The foundation work for the heat treatment hall and the SUW (water treatment system) hall has been completed. Concreting also began in the hall intended for the turbine set. In the SUW (water treatment system) hall, the construction of walls is coming to an end, reinforcement and shuttering works are being performed, and the ceiling on level “0” is being constructed.
Works on the slag maturation hall and sorting plant storage shed are well advanced. In the slag maturation hall the ceiling above the first floor is almost complete (+8.70 m) and architectural concrete walls are being made at level +1. The warehouse shed is currently the tallest of the new structures – the reinforced concrete walls erected under the steel structure have already reached the height of 18 m.
The installation of the sewage, technological and rainwater system is in progress. The collected rainwater will be used in the plant for technological processes.