November 30, 2020 POSCO E&C has become the general contractor for the expansion and modernization of the Solid Urban Waste Neutralisation Plant (ZUSOK) in Warsaw. This project has a huge potential – we are building the largest incineration plant in Poland, a facility that will process over 300 K tons of non-recyclable waste into heat and electricity for Warsaw per year. Our team is growing along with the project. At the moment, we employ almost 100 people, experienced, high-class engineers and specialists. We are also open to young talent. On 20-21 October 2021, we will be participating in the JOBICON virtual job festival. We invite everyone interested in our company and those looking for an interesting job to participate. Register and join us:

During the session with Klara Mikołajczyk (HR Manager), Agata Majcher (Spokesperson) and Piotr Marchewka (Mechanical Engineer in the Construction Department) we will talk about the project, its value for Warsaw and the local community, our team, working in a world-class company and how this experience translates into your future career. We will also answer your questions. See you in the group session and during individual meetings with the HR Manager of POSCO’s Polish team, Klara Mikołajczyk.
We are building a better future with POSCO!